Welcome to our company kick-off for the project/initiative Västerbotten Sweden on Monday the 5th of June between 14:00-15:30! 😊 See the link to the TEAMS-meeting below.

We will hold this meeting in English out of respect for companies with Swedish as a second language. Questions can be told in either Swedish or English.

We would also like your consent to record our meeting in order to give companies an opportunity to inform themselves at a later point in time. We have full respect for the summer preparations and for the beginning of the summer season, we know that time can be hard to set aside.

Feel free to share this invite to your company fellows within the hospitality industry in Västerbotten! Do you know someone that you think may be interested in, and curious about, working with more international guests?
– Background to why Västerbotten Sweden exists
– Talk about the project Västerbotten Sweden
– Go through the desired quality goals/criteria linked to the work packages
– How can companies join/benefit from the project and how do we proceed
– Time for Q & A

Hope that you will have a great weekend for now!

Link to our Teams-meeting you will find HERE